Testing – SAT Subject Test Biology


What are SAT Subject Tests?
These tests are hour-long multiple choice exams offered in five areas:
Math, science, history, languages and English.
Scoring well is another way to help your admission application stand out by
proving your knowledge and interest in a specific academic discipline.


Who Should Take the SAT Subject Tests in Biology?

  • If you plan on applying to selective colleges where the tests are required or recommended.
  • If you think you can score at least 500. Test scores range from 200-800.


When Should Take the SAT Subject Tests in Biology?

  • Schedule your test in June of the year of your highest level bio course.


What are the Best Books For the SAT Subject Tests in Biology?

  • Princeton Review’s SAT II Biology Guide
  • Barron’s SAT II Biology Guide
  • Campbell Biology
  • The Official SAT Subject Test Study Guide in Biology


How to Prepare?

  • Start with working through the Princeton Review’s Guide.
  • If you score 650+ on their practice tests, move onto Barron’s Guide.
  • Barron’s should carry you to 750+. If you stall out ~750, go to Campbell Biology for help.
  • 4 weeks before your actual test, go through the Official SAT Guide to dry run the test.
  • If scoring 550 or below repeatedly, don’t take the test.


Students applying to highly competitive schools may be required to take
SAT Subject Tests in addition to the regular SAT exam.
Other schools may not require the exam but by taking the subject test you may
gain an edge by highlighting your application among the applicant pool.


For questions about a particular school and advice whether to take the added exams, email david@davidedu.com

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