Test Taking – What Colleges Require the SAT with Essay?

So you’re going to start you’re Junior or Senior year of high school and are trying to decide if you
should take the SAT exam with Essay option or the plain SAT.

Here’s a checklist to help you decide:

  1. Does the college you’re applying to require or recommend the SAT Essay?
    Yes. Take the option.
  2. Are you applying for scholarships requiring the SAT Essay (National Merit)?
    Yes. Take the option.
  3. Are you applying to a college that does not require or recommend the SAT Essay?
    No. Don’t do it.
  4. Are you an international student with good writing skills?
    Yes. Take the option.
  5. Have you received awards or high grades for past written work?
    No. Don’t do it.


The SAT with Essay is an option you choose based on either a college or scholarship requirement
or if you need to an edge in applying to a competitive school. Just remember to build and test your
writing skills far in advance of the actual SAT exam.

Colleges Requiring the SAT Essay

If you want to discuss the SAT Essay option,the five question checklist or how to practice for the essay piece,
reach out to me @ david@davidedu.com .


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