College Admissions – Rising Seniors, Now Is Not the Time to Snooze!

The last year in high school is a magical time when lifelong memories are made.
Enjoy the moment,while also taking proper steps to transition into the next stage of adulthood:
Seniors, do what’s necessary early in the year to lock in your college admission, then rest easy your final semester.
Stay on point using the following checklist:

Senior Year Checklist

  1. Apply for Financial Aid
    You’re competing with thousands of other students, why wait at the back of the line?
    Apply early and you’re likely to receive the money, since government funding runs out quick.
    The application you submit needs to be correct or you could face a “Request for added documentation”
    from the US Dept. of Education. Or even rejected, which means less/no money for college outside of your parents/savings/bank loans. 
    Time to learn about CSS, FAFSA, grants, scholarships, work-study and federal loans.

  2. Research Scholarships
    Most scholarships become available for application in Fall, start exploring now to be ready.

  3. Write your College Essays
    Start writing early and keep moving forward!
    Winning college essays require hard work in the form of honest, personal introspection, sticking to a
    writing formula and persevering. The most important essay of high school should not be thrown together
    at the last minute! 
    For example, on your first attempt at writing the essay, the standard cycle is:

    • Brainstorm ideas in response to the essay prompt
    • Outline the essay
    • Write the 1st draft
    • Review for theme, structure and voice
    • Proofread for grammar, spelling and punctuation
    • Edit the essay based on input and feedback from a trusted source
    • Write the 2nd draft
    • Put in the work yourself using online resources or ask David Edu to coach you.

  4. Prep for SAT or ACT
    A higher SAT/ACT score means admission to your preferred school and less potential college debt
    through earning scholarships. Get your scores higher through self study or ask David Edu to coach you.

  5. Write your High School Activities List
    It’s simple.
    Spend 30 minutes to write down everything that comes to mind.
    Group activities into categories. Rewrite your list with more detail.
    Edit and clean up. Print it out.
    This is prep work for your application, essays and recommendations.

  6. Get Letters of Recommendations
    Ask early in the year before the recommender is flooded with requests.
    Don’t forget to provide the recommender a resume and a cover letter so they have source material
    to write you an impressive recommendation.

  7. Write then Trim Down Your College Application List
    Narrow down your list of targets to 10 schools.
    You’ll get a better result and reduce cost and energy by focusing on schools that land in 3 buckets:
    Dream School / Likely Admit / Definite Admit.
    Keep in mind college application fees range from $25 – $90.
    Don’t forget the SAT/ACT score service.
    The longer your college list, the more expensive and draining the process.

  8. Work On The College Application
    Both of University of California Application and the Common Application open August 1st, 2018.
    You can get much of the work done, beforehand.
    The Common App allows students to create an account now and transfer their info when the new app is available.
    For California, google the previous year’s pdf application, print out a copy then fill out for practice.

  9. Make College Campus Trips
    If you plan to spend four years and tens of thousands of dollars at your dream school, try to see
    the physical campus beforehand.Plus, it is a way to demonstrate interest to the admissions office at that school.

  10. Work or Volunteer
    Work is good, better than sitting on the couch.
    Plus you will add these achievements to your Entrance Application, College Essay, Scholarship Application
    and Letter of Recommendation.

  11. Get Help
    Get help early to get the best result.
    People to ask: High school counselor, mentor or college admissions consultant.


Senior year of high school is a time of realization and transition into adulthood.
To land right in the next stage of your education, focus on three top items in this list:

  1. College Financial Aid
  2. College Essay
  3. SAT/ACT Test Prep

If you want to discuss your college admissions essay, financial aid application, test prep
or general admissions questions then reach me @ .

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