College Admissions – Superscoring ACT & SAT

When applying for college you can benefit by taking the ACT/SAT exams multiple times.
Depending on the college you’re applying at, their admissions office
may either blend the best section scores to create a new higher total
for your ACT/SAT or they may simply pick your best individual ACT/SAT total.


In the case of Superscoring, if you take the SAT more than once,
the admissions office takes the highest section score across test administrations
and assigns you a new higher total score.

Say in March you scored a 600 EBRW/670 Math  Total=1270.
Then in May, you took the SAT again, this time scoring 700 EBRW/650 Math   Total=1350.
Your final Superscore would be 700 EBRW/670 Math  Total=1370.
So, your blended Superscore (1370), is better than the individual March (1270) or May (1350) totals.
For the ACT, this process generally takes the form of taking your highest test scores
across test administrations, but may not result in a new Composite score because colleges
use test scores individually.


Score Choice
Keep in mind these colleges have final say over what scores you should submit
and how those scores will be used. Students should review the score-reporting policy
of each college they’re applying at.


Require All Scores
These colleges require applicants to submit all test scores.


Recommend All Scores
These colleges recommend, but do not require that applicants send all test scores.
Often these admission offices will create superscores for applicants.


Accept Score Shoice
These colleges will accept whichever scores an applicant submits.


Taking the ACT/SAT multiple times can benefit you during college application.

Not only do you get better at test taking itself, generating higher scores,
you have the option to pick from the best scores or have a best blended score
created depending your specific college’s policy.


Reference Chart Local Colleges:

School    Superscore SAT Superscore ACT     Score Choice
University of Ga         Yes       Yes      Score Choice Ok
Georgia Tech         Yes       Yes      Recommends all
Emory         Yes       No      Recommends all
Agnes Scott College         Yes       No      Score Choice Ok
Cornell University         Yes      Yes      Score Choice Ok


For a PDF of a more complete list or if you have questions about a particular school, email me at

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