College Admission – Demonstrated Interest

When applying to a competitive college, be sure to demonstrate
continued interest in the school throughout the application timeline,
this helps your chances of getting accepted.

What is Demonstrated Interest?

College admissions officers judge how strongly you’re excited about
attending their school. Demonstrated interest is a factor evaluated
in your college admissions app, just as GPA, SAT/ACT scores, essays
and school activities are considered.

Why do colleges care about Demonstrated Interest?

Two reasons:
1. Schools save resources by focusing on evaluating students likely
to enroll after receiving acceptance letters. Demonstrating
interest shows that the student values this specific college
above other schools, from the admission officer’s point of view.

2. Colleges are concerned with their graduation rankings
(yield) in the US World & News annual report. When colleges admit
students who have strong positive feelings, those students are considered
more likely to finish a 4 year degree.

How do I show Demonstrated Interest?

Here’s a list of things to do starting from your junior year:

  • Visit the college campus during junior year or
    summer after junior year.
  • Speak with alumni and ask if they could share your info
    with the admission office.
  • Reach out to the admissions office during your junior year.
  • Submit your info when the school shows up at a local college fair.
  • Campus info session or tour in fall senior year.
  • Early application.
  • Supplemental essay: Show your particular interest in that college
    and how you researched that school specifically.
  • Second visit to campus in senior year.
  • Overnight program.

Showing your enthusiasm is easy and helps your chances of winning a
seat at your favorite choice. Mark your calendar, follow through
with the listed activities. Keep the conversation going to demonstrate
interest to admissions officers.

For questions about how to show Demonstrated Interest at particular school,
email me at

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