About David


Hi, I'm David of David Ed U (David Educates U).

A graduate of University of Chicago, I  spent the majority of my post graduate years overseas. Now settled down, I live in Suwanee, Georgia  with my beautiful wife Yumi and our menagerie of three monkeys: Yeriel, Hanna and Hanel.

The college admissions process is more complicated and competitive than ever. Constantly, I hear from students and parents words like "overwhelmed", "freaking out", and "no idea".  My favorite is "I feel like a lonely toy boat tossed about by storms of college admissions."

As a recognized college essay expert and sought-after speaker, every year I empower students and parents so that they can move forward to their True North. We will work together to find the patterns and connections that reveals your authentic self.

 I have worked as a teacher, coach, writer, organizer, business owner and ditch digger, but the best thing is to meet you and to see you work and grow into your realized potential.

Test Prep Testimonials

Young C.

Roswell HS

"In our sessions Mr. Rhee showed me the shortcuts that really helped me to better understand the material. He encouraged me to work between our sessions and inspired me to do better. Not only was he a great tutor, but he was easy to talk with. Best of all, he has become a mentor."

Erin K.

Duluth High School

"Thanks, I got a 35 on the ACT. I'm so glad I'm done with it now."

Ashley K.

Lambert HS

"Hi Mr. Rhee, Happy Holidays. I got my scores. 1450! We are all so happy! Many thanks for all that you did to support and mentor me even when I didn't want it. :)"

Frank T.

Gwinnett School Math Science Technology

"Score just came in for ACT, I got a 35! My parents are pretty happy."

Parent of Student

Collin Hills HS

David has helped my daughter from hating math to loving it. After working with him, she scored 730 on the SAT Math. Now we have more choices for our college list.

John L.

Johns Creek High School

"Teacher David, your tutoring helped a lot. My ACT Reading improved 6 points thanks."

College Essays Testimonials

Mehul K

Lambert HS

"I just wanted to let you know that I will be attending Duke this fall and I couldn't be more excited. Thank you for helping me with the college process and my essays."

Nathan L.

Millcreek HS

"Working with you cleared up my writer's block. I didn't know I had a lot to say. You were great and passionate about me writing the best I could.  I appreciate all the energy you spent on me. I know I drove you crazy sometimes. I think I leaned how to write with both my heart and head."

Jennifer A

Chattahoochee HS

"Teacher David, you're amazing, funny and tough. Writing my essays with you felt like a journey of self-discovery. Once I was able to articulate the ideas and feelings inside me, a heavy weight came off my shoulders. Thank you. I can say honestly my essays are sincere reflections of myself. They rock, too. I wish I knew you before; then my school writing would have been better."