2018 College Admissions Trends

College application numbers will increase. This means the applicant pools will be larger and more competitive, especially for the top twenty schools.

The Yield. It is getting harder for colleges to predict the percentage of students who will enroll after acceptance because students are applying to more colleges than ever and thus more choices. This is important to colleges because the yield determines budget, financial aid and departmental needs.

This leads to the following.

Colleges will utilize the waitlists more; meaning the waitlist size for each school will become bigger. It is already happening.

International students who receive little to no financial aid and transfer students will receive more focus.

As a consequence of these trends, students and parents should know that the “Soft Factors” are rising in importance: Early Admission Options, Essays, Demonstrated Interest and Informed Interest.

Take control back and find out how to take advantage of the constantly changing college admissions process. By starting your college prep early, you can be best prepared to find success in the college admissions journey. For more information on how David Ed U can help you prepare for college, contact us today!

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